Best Softball Gloves

Softball gloves are commercially sold in a range of brands and styles. From the leather type to the edging and webbing design, the selection becomes irresistibly tempting to the players.

Buying Softball Gloves

If you’re planning to buy, take a look at the right quality and strength.

Consider also the level and position of the play these gloves will be used for. If you have an experience in looking for the finest one, you will see how the game-winning gloves work for you.

Softball gloves are especially designed to give players the effective tool in catching softballs. These protective gloves save the hands of the athletes from getting harmed.

Usually, the size is bigger than the normal sports gloves to help players catch and hold the ball properly. Conventional gloves were just like a bit of leather covering the palm with few holes to fit the fingers.

Nowadays, modern softball gloves have become an advanced specialized tool to perk up the performance of the players.

Basic Things to Learn about Softball Gloves

Design & Construction of Softball Gloves

It is a must for all softball players to have softball gloves that fit their hands. Gloves make the athletes perform more effectively. Learning the basics of glove construction and design is helpful in short listing your choices. Narrowing down the selection to a few perfect choices is a smart move.

Construction designed for Softball gloves

If you see a variety of gloves, you may think that they are just the same in quality and construction. But they aren’t. Each glove is made up of 3 basic design elements. They work together for a unique ability to help athletes play well. The three design factors appropriate for softball gloves are webbing, pocket and the kind of back wrist closure.

Owning the best fit

The size of the player’s hand and the field position in the game are important things to know before buying softball gloves. Correct fit is necessary in order to keep control of the ball and the glove. It must fit securely the hand with ease while opening and closing the glove around the ball. Toughness is important to impede the ball when catching it, allowing throws and retrievals due to flexibility. To get the best deal, you should test a number of good gloves then pick one that feels right, easy and comfortable.

Verify the kind of gloves you really need. Normally, a particular position is assigned to the player such as outfielder, infielder, pitcher, catcher or first base. If you play as a catcher, your softball gloves should have thick padding designed to catch the fast ball. Comfort is the basic to becoming an effective catcher. You don’t need a heavy catcher’s glove because you have to retrieve the ball then throw it as quickly as you can.

Leather quality of softball gloves

Generally, the youth players can use cheaper synthetic gloves—made of cowhide or pigskin. And for the higher play level, people choose the better quality gloves made up of steer hide or full grain leather. Characteristically, those manufactured from higher quality leathers are better in construction and style.

1. Synthetic leather softball gloves. These are suggested only for T-ball and farm use. Look for synthetic leather and compare it to those that are made of glossy, plastic look. Most synthetic designs have leather palm but with synthetic back. They are sold with much lower prices in the market.

2. Pigskin & cowhide softball gloves. Both pigskin and cowhide leathers are best for younger players. Pigskin is the cheapest and most flexible type of leather materials used in glove manufacturing. However, its durability feature is not enough. It’s good to use for more than one season only; therefore, this glove is best for a teen player who outgrows it. On the other hand, cowhide leather is much cheaper compared to other leathers. Its quality differs very much from one manufacturer to another.

3. Full grain leather softball gloves. These gloves worn by adults are usually made of full grain leather. This type of leather is heavy and tough and it needs significant period for break in. After breaking in, the gloves provide the highest level of performance and usefulness. Usually, catcher’s mitts are made of full grain leather. There are lots of pro series and finest gloves in the market which have this kind of leather.

4. Steer hide softball gloves. Steer hide leather is better known for its higher durability and heavier weight. This leather requires the same break in period. If you purchase this, take notice of the real quality because there are no standard guidelines that comprise the value of premium steer hide.


All experienced and amateur players must understand the importance of quality softball gloves that fit well their hands. They should buy one that perfects their position in the game. As stated above, always consider the field position, the degree of the play, and the size of the hand in choosing the right softball gloves. Consequently, you get gloves appropriate to your needs, budget and performance.

There’s no need to purchase very expensive gloves. However, if you’ll be playing frequently, don’t buy the cheapest gloves either. Keep this in mind before buying: always consider gloves as investment and expect them to be used for years.


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