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Hi and welcome to, our softball blog aims to uncover best softball bats.

best softball bats

We are a group of parents and players who regularly carry out hot softball bat reviews including fastpitch softball bats & slowpitch softball bats. All reviews are real facts based on real bat owners.

In 2016, there are many bats still proved to be good, useful and considered as top rated ones although plentiful types of 2016 softball bats have been released periodically.

With each segment, we are trying to include five best choices so that you will not be confused among numerous models. We also listen to some advice from the bat owners about the price, feel, rating, recommendation as well as what league these bats are eligible to play.

Of course, we are open to all of your feedback for any missing facts. Feel free to contact us any time of the day and a reply will be delivered within 24 hours.

2016 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats

If I have to choose which one is the best fastpitch softball bat among the top choices available on the market, I would definitely recommend the drop 10 2016 LXT Plus.

This bat has defeated many competitors to sit firmly on the 1st place of the best sellers in fastpitch softball.

You will love it at the first sight with its pop, swing weight, barrel size and many say that their first hit was to the fence. This one is widely used because it’s hot right out of the wrapper and you won’t be disappointed with this bat.

My DD could not be happier and it was worth the price to see her face! Come behind the 2016 LXT Plus is DeMarini’s CF8 Slapper and Easton’s MAKO, both are also worth trying if you are a true fan of them.

Price check for 2016 LXT Plus is here.

2016 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

Slowpitch softball is somehow more difficult to decide which one is the best slow pitch softball bat on the market. For newbie, well, you must be clear of the exact league you are participating in.

For example, Senior Softball, USSSA, NSA, ISA are some of the most popular leagues running in the United States.

Therefore, we have taken a deep research from our readers to find the answer and the vote shows the winner is Louisville Slugger Z4000 series.

Z4000 features both end loaded & balanced swing weight and all are approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. We are sorry for Worth Legit, the new Demarini the One. Better luck next year!

Price check for Z4000 series is here.

To be clear, we break down our blog in three specific segments. First, we note some real facts and reviews of softball bats which feel best for you. Then, our latest segment will be the list of softball gloves you may be interested in.

Why Need Softball Bat Reviews?

Many people are always looking for straight answers but with softball bats there aren’t any. Which is the best softball bat depends on the person and is honestly not something we can tell you. You have to try out the different bats and find the one that feels best for you.

Don’t just buy the bat that others are using, for example, their bodies might be more bulky than yours and so they use an end loaded bat where a more balanced bat would suit you better. So take your time! A good softball bat is expensive and you don’t want to waste your money. My advice is to talk to other players, have a look at softball bat reviews and before you buy any bats. Maybe try some swings with it first.

One thing you have to decide on is what kind of bat you want: wood, aluminum, composite or half and half. Here you’ll find an overview of the different types of bats and what their advantages and drawbacks are.

How To Choose Best Softball Bats

There’s a harmony of concern and self-confidence on the baseball field whenever an individual walks up to home plate and the outfield shouts, “Big hitter!” Be reassured that you’re the major hitter. And in case hitting isn’t really your own strong point, select the best softball bat which will surprise the poo out of your competitors.

The most crucial bit of competitive softball gear is your softball bat. Get educated and then make excellent choices on your most elementary softball equipment. Because of so many softball bat options nowadays, it’s tough to pick which one is right for you. If you are intending to shell out the cash on a competitive softball bat, you should know the way to get the most from it. Learn how to pick a superior-performance softball bat which feels as though it had been tailor made to suit your needs.

  • League

To begin with, steer clear of expensive errors by just discovering exactly what softball gear constraints might really exist in the league that you are going to be participating in. (ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA, and ISF)

  • Weight & Length

To ascertain the weight and length of the softball bat professionals concur that the bat needs to be as light-weight as is possible whilst still being comfy to swing. A fast swing is paramount to great hitting. Additional length and weight will not help to make the baseball go any further if the softball bat is simply too hefty to swing. Common softball graphs may advise a softball bat length from your weight and height. When choosing a softball bat, the negative amounts are the length to weight ratio. What this means is if you take the length of the softball bat (e.g. thirty three inch) and the sizing (e.g. -6), the softball bat would likely weigh twenty-seven oz…

Bat velocity provides batters power. Whenever a softball strikes the barrel of the softball bat, the quicker the softball bat velocity produced, the more the trampoline influence is going to be produced off of the barrel. This provides you higher speed to create an intense hit. Homer, baby!

Softball Bat Hitting Style Recommendations

  • Larger, more powerful participants favor a bulkier softball bat given that they receive the weight and swing action energy
  • Smaller sized participants with a lesser amount of muscle must look into a lighter in weight softball bat to create a faster swing action
  • The younger players should think about a lighter weight softball bat to improve control

Softball Bat Care Suggestions

A very good competitive softball bat is definitely an investment. Look after it!

  • Don’t utilize in temps under sixty degrees. Cold temperatures can easily ding thin walled softball bats.
  • Don’t store softball bats in severe cold or hot locations like the trunk area of a vehicle or garage area. Competitive softball bat end caps are vulnerable to very hot conditions. Exchange the end cap when it gets to be loosened or broken.
  • Swivel the softball bat one fourth turn prior to each swing. This helps prevent denting on one part of the softball bat.
    Stay clear of utilizing the newer softball bats at the hitting cage. High-performance softball bats are not created for heavy batting cage baseballs. Keep in mind, thin walls. Hitting rubberized or plastic-type baseballs will certainly void any one-year softball bat guarantee.
  • Don’t strike water logged softballs.
  • Don’t clear shoes using your softball bat.

Recognize Softball bat Components

Modern day highly effective, aerospace engineering is the thing that makes your competitive softball bat sing out. A number of different materials are utilized when making softball bats, each and every one fluctuate in functionality and sturdiness. That is why many softball bats cost a hundred dollars and some cost three hundred bucks? Alloy is usually the largest element in the cost. Here’s the material description:

Aluminum Alloy

  • Lightweight aluminum softball bats are much lighter to improve handling and bat velocity
  • Sturdiness – in spite of typically greater expenses, you’ll save cash because the bats are not as easy to fracture or bust
  • Lighter weight alloys are less substantial and much more tough which raises the sweet spot, your striking zone on the bat’s barrel.
  • Lightweight aluminum baseball bats, improved upon with many other metals, can be found in single-layer or double-layer design.
  • Double-layer softball bats provide much more sturdiness and power, because the softball rebounds off of the bat with a lot more of a trampoline impact.


  • Composite baseball bats typically mix graphite, fiberglass and plastic resin. Composite softball bats possess a neat, distinctive sound and a massive sweet spot.
  • Composite components are included with thinner-wall lightweight aluminum bats – lighter in weight bat, raises swing velocity, and sturdiness
  • Decreases vibrations and the tingle of softball shock, the tingling sensation delivered to the fingers when the softball is hit badly.


  • Hybrid mixes lightweight aluminum alloy together with composite components. This provides a hitter the very best of both realms: an aluminum bat barrel with a rigid composite handle.
  • Air chamber along with other unique characteristics: high-performance softball bats showcase blow up chambers filled up with nitrogen or helium within their barrels. A Louisville Slugger bat exclusive, these kinds of chambers considerably improve trampoline impact and functionality. Make sure to seek advice from your competitive softball organization for softball bat acceptance.

Now you can easily decide the comfort, stability, and weight of best softball bats 2016 you’ll be able to increase game very quickly. Just one more thing, read our 2016 hottest softball bat reviews carefully before you decide to buy a bat.  Bear in mind, safeguard your purchase – the higher quality competitive softball gear you have, the more effective you’ll be. So, break it in, get game prepared, and strike a homer.


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