5 Best BBCOR Bats Reviews [February 2019 Updates]

Around the world, baseball players are busy making preparations for the favorite baseball leagues. Getting best BBCOR bats could be challenging, as the baseball season brings in a whole new collection of brand new BBCOR bats.

best bbcor bats reviews

It may, therefore, be somehow difficult for you to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. In case you are also out there in search for top rated bbcor bats, you should look no further.

Provided below is an elaborate 2019 Buying Guide Best Bbcor Bats for all the baseball players.

Top Rated BBCOR Bats 2019

Below are our top rated bbcor bats january 2019 updated. You should consider before purchasing. Note: These bbcor bats come in multiple sizes, please click on “Check Price” for more sizes.

2019 Meta Prime

#1. 2019 Meta Prime
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2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro

#2. 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro
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2019 Omaha 519

#3. 2019 Omaha 519
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2019 Easton Alpha

#4. 2019 Easton Alpha
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2019 Voodoo One Balance

#5. 2019 Voodoo One Balance

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5 Best BBCOR Bats Reviews [January 2019 Updated]

#1. 2019 Best BBCOR Bat – 2019 Meta Prime

2019 Meta Prime

The 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime bat has been redesigned from the ground and upwards. Everything is quite new. It includes the barrel, grip, handle, connective piece, and end cap.

The Meta Prime 2019 also has a new connective piece of 3FX. It has virtually everything upgraded into an entirely new bat. The barrel is big, feels about perfect, and sounds great. It has a new connective piece that has not been in the industry, while the handle is a bit more composite.

Is the bat Worth Its Price? This bat is quite expensive but definitely worth its price. If you have enough more money to spend then the Meta Prime is for you. Regardless of the budget, consider the sentiment and the seriousness you have as baseball player.

The Meta Prime, together with other various bats that are top end price, are useful for the people who play a lot. In case you are planning to hit the ball during winter and then playing fall and spring, then this bat is absolutely for you.

#2. Best BBCOR Bat – 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro

2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro

The Rawlings Quatro Pro is built for the lineup kid who plays base a lot. Smaller kids will also like, as it is very forgiving on mishits.

It consists of a big barrel, great feel, light swing on the mishits and hits. It will help them get as many pitches as possible, with the huge barrel, a good pop, and with perfect speed for swinging.

Being a composite bat of two pieces, the Rawlings Quatro makes it possible for it to have a big barrel and light swing. But there are, of course, other notable exceptions. Unique two piece design of Rawling is a synthetic collar surrounding the point of connection. For 2019, it has now been upgraded to reduce the sting from mishits.

The Rawlings Quatro Pro also uses an inner floating barrel, which is located towards the bat’s end. The extra barrel enhances a better trampoline effect at slow impact speeds. It also acts as a sort of governor to prevent it from exceeding the restriction limits.

During its construction in 2019, the inside barrel has been moved closer to the knob to have a greater impact in reducing swing weight and improve durability as well.

#3. Best Value BBCOR Bats – 2019 Louisvilla Slugger Omaha 519

2019 Slugger Omaha 519

Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 delivers top notch performance as well as a traditional feel at an incredible value. With a one-piece durable construction, this model is guaranteed to offer consistent and long-lasting performance.

It is has been constructed masterfully out of proven ST 7U1 plus an alloy that delivers a traditional and stiff feel on contact, as well as a huge sweet spot.

The latest addition to this bat is the end cap, which is a 6-Star premium performance. It extends the barrel length and maintains weight distribution to offer a balanced weight.

If you’re looking for a championship level performance, reliable power, and a batting average increase, this baseball bat is definitely what you require.

For superior comfort, and as an extra bonus, a custom Lizard Skin grip is equipped. Let every swing count and get your Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 today.

#4. Best Budget BBCOR – 2019 Easton Alpha

2019 Easton Alpha

The BBCOR Easton Alpha for 2019 is the bat for this year, and uses ATAC alloy that is reinforced with Carbon-Core technology. This allows the Alpha to have thin walls to enhance performance.

For enhanced aesthetics, this bat consists of a new end cap, which also allows for a fast swing.

In addition, the Alpha -3 will is available in smaller sizes that starts at 29. This makes the perfect bat suitable for any younger kids who want to have fun in swinging a BBCOR.

Key Features:

• An insert of VRSCOR handle is used for reinforcing the handle in order to create solid feel in the hands.

• Traditional design for optimally controlling the bat with balanced feel full of power.

• Optimal design of the barrel in order to control the bat easily and enhance maximum launch angle.

• SPEED CAP offers a more responsive and flexible barrel with a pop sound on impact.

• For added power, the swing weight offers optimized balance point and barrel length with an extra mass in the barrel.

•An ultimate cushion, tack, and feel are provided by a custom Lizard Skin grip.

#5. Best Budget – 2019 DeMarini Voodoo ONE

2019 DeMarini Voodoo ONE

Are you looking for a hybrid bat or a real swing of middle road weight? Then your best recommendation would be the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo, often reffered to simply as 2019 DeMarini Voodoo.

It is well-balanced in USSSA, BBCOR, and USA. If you want something slightly different than a two piece composite bat, get the Voodoo Balanced.

The 2019 DeMarini Voodoo (Balanced) is a hybrid bat consisting of a two-piece bat. Hybrid means that it has an aluminum barrel and a composite handle. The connection piece and handle are the same used on the high end CF and CF Zen Insane lines.

Being a stiff connection with a good feel and durability that hitters just love, this bat is just awesome.

The barrel is a high grade aluminum, which is considered as a standard top shelf in the industry. Many elite college players and teams prefer DeMarini’s aluminum barrel.

Top 5 Best BBCOR Bat Brands by Our Rating

Before, making any purchases, it is important to understand the different brands from different companies, so that you can choose wisely.

Manufacturers of BBCOR bats have rapidly increased over the recent past.

The industry of bbcor bat seems to be flourishing more from small local firms to international brands. You may be confused on the manufacture to choose. If you are not sure of any reliable manufacturers, then the following is a list of the 5 best bbcor brands of bat, which have proved their worth with amazing bats all the time!


DeMarini Sports is a leading equipment manufacturer for softballs and baseballs. They have specialized in production of all sorts of apparels, bats, and gears.

During the humble beginnings of DeMarini, they did’nt have an organized chain of distribution such as advertising campaigns and proper retailers. The DeMarini headquarters were later established in the year 1992. From this point onwards, there were a massive growth and expansion in the company.

The world’s first multi-wall bat, which is known as the DeMarini Double wall was manufactured by DeMarini, and they take pride in it. This was the game changer at that time with its competitors being beaten by its huge sweet spot.

With a strong belief in its innovation, the company brought in some of the most amazing technologies in making the bats. In particular, technology became their main weapon. To this date, DeMarini has produced most of the top quality and best performing bbcor bats. This includes the CF8 series, bbcor series, and Voodoo Series as well.


When you talk of bbcor baseball bats, Easton Sports is among the giants manufacturers of the bats. Over the past years, this company has developed quite a number of quality top bats with amazing features and technologies.

Easton manufactures softball and baseball equipment. This includes gear, balls, bats and other accessories.

Their Z-Core and MAKO Torq series bats have become popular, as they have been made using the technology from Easton. This is executed using their famous TCT Thermo Composite as well as the revolutionary 360° Torq Handle Technology.

The high-quality of Easton bats makes them to be somewhat expensive.


Rawlings Sporting Goods Company is popular for production of sporting goods for players in the US. Apart from manufacturing innovative balls and bats, the company has also focused on excellently making other products that are game-changers such as gloves and batting helmets.

The BBCOR bat range include the following balanced baseball bats:

• Velo Balanced
• 5150 Alloy
• TRIO 3-Piece Hybrid

The Optimized Performance of Rawlings’ Precision in production offers higher performance, greater swing speed, and larger sweet spot.

Louisville Slugger

Almost everyone has heard about the giant manufacturer of sporting goods known as Louisville Slugger. Having been present for more than 120 years, excellently manufacturing sporting goods, this company is still a leader in this industry.

It manufactures wood bats, which are the official bats for MLB. This gives Louisville Slugger an edge over other companies.

Their famous technology of TRU3 3-piece enhances a Maximum Trampoline effect, with a reduced vibration and great feel. The 7050 Alloy used highly boots their performance and also makes bats more durable.

The bats of maple wood they have are manufactured from top-class hard wood extracts. The handles on their bats are well covered with a Grip of custom Lizard Skin, which will always keep your hands protected from any injuries as well as keeping your hands comfortable during the hits.


Being a popular sport manufacturing brand based in Canada, Combat Sports Group produces composite softball and baseball and bats.

There are three major technologies featured by Combat bats. This includes:
• They have seamless construction.
• They use precision molding.
• They are made from maximum technology.

Combat bats are used by some of the most famous players like Jeff Mcgavin.

The Maxum lineup of Combat has a 40% greater hitting surface. This means they have a greater sweet spot when their bats are compared to those of their competitors. Their construction, which is quite seamless, gives them high performance and strength. Their precision in molding also maximizes the trampoline effect on the bats made by Combat.

Among their amazing bbcor lineup, their latest addition is the Combat Adult Maxum Bbcor.

Having got that ample information about the top 5 brands, and also about the best five bbcor bats in the bbcor bat industry, let’s shift our attention towards the 2019 buying guide of bbcor bats sizes with all their alternatives.

BBCOR Bat Size Buying Guide 2019

When buying a bbcor bat for your kid or for yourself, the most significant factor to consider is the size. You have to purchase a bbcor bat that is at par with your weight and height.

Remember to properly measure yourself for the correct guide size. When measuring for an adult, they you should start from the center of your chest and measure upto the tip of your finger.

On the other hand, when measuring children, take a bat and make it stand just next to the child. For the correct bat size, ensure the bat reaches the child’s hips. Also, weigh your children and yourself using an accurate and proper weighing machine.

Generally, for weighing below 60 pounds, a perfect size bbcor bat should have a length of 26 – 29 inches. For a weight exceeding 70 pounds, a perfect bat length should be anywhere from 28 – 32 inches.

Pros and Cons of Bbcor Baseball Bats


• Bbcor bats have a bigger sweet spot as a result of the even trampoline effect, which ensures you to hit the runs.

• As these bats are checked and tested multiple times, These bats more long-lasting and durable than their counterparts, as they are tested and checked multiple times.They rarely get broken or damaged.

• Bbcor bats increase performance of players, enhancing greater shots. Bats nowadays do not outperform players. Hitters must use their experience and skills when hitting the ball on the right spot.

• Bbcor bats have, therefore been able to separate non-hitters from hitters due to the above reason. You can impress your teammates by showcasing your hitting skills using a bbcor bat.

• Evolution of bbcor standard has led to the production of bats that ensure player safety and minimize player injuries. Your kids are now safer when they are out dealing with the home runs.


• The BBCOR standard has led to drastic reductions in the many number of home runs, which caused an upset to a variety of players.

• The pop on the new bbcor bats is less than what used to be previously heard. This also cause some hitters who loved good pop to be upset.

• Due to the expensive nature of Bbcor bats, they are not liked by those players on budget are and are therefore not liked by those players who are on a budget.