5 Best Softball Bats

best softball bats

1) 2015 Louisville Slugger Xeno: Too Much Pop for Small Ball

2015 Louisville Slugger Xeno
2015 Louisville Slugger Xeno

As a seasoned softball player, I know how picking the right fastpitch bat can be a huge headache. There are so many decisions I have to make, before even picking a brand: Which length to weight ratio is ideal for a short and stocky girl? What bat make-up will give me the best pop? The list goes on and on. If you’re new to the game, here’s a quick run through of the most important things you need to figure out, pre-model decision:

Length and Weight of Bat

See where you land on a sizing chart or if you have some more time to spare, follow these steps.

The Composition

There are even more variables to consider when trying to pick what your bat is made out of, so I’ve just listed them here, from least expensive to priciest. Obviously, the more you pay, the more durability you get.

  • Alloy
  • Hybrid
  • Composite

I began the sport using an alloy model, because I knew I’d be spending more time practicing, rather than competing. I thus wanted a lighter bat, that’d let me work on my swing and follow-through, without the post-training muscle pain. My current model is a composite – when you’ve been playing for so long, it’s a worthier investment!

The Barrel Size

This will depend on your league’s regulations (see below). I use the diameter which is most widely accepted: 2 ¼ inches.

The League Approval

Whether you’re a member of the ASA, USSA, NSA, or ISA, you’ll have to check your league’s requirements before picking a bat.

Other Considerations

One-piece (for strong hitters) or two-piece (for contact hitters)? Balanced-loaded (good for smaller players) or end-loaded (good for players with more power)? The point is, picking the perfect softball bat takes a lot of time and effort!

That’s why finding this article from Bristol Herald Courier was a boon for me. Its portrait of Chilhowie High School’s No. 2 pitcher, Haley Caudill, confirmed which bat I should definitely invest in: the Louisville Slugger Xeno.

100% composite and enhanced with both IST and S1iD technology, this bat gives me the perfect, balanced swing. Take a look at how it compares to the fastpitch model I was using previously:

ModelLouisville Slugger Xeno 2015
Swing WeightBalanced
Barrel Size2-Piece
FeaturesS1iD and iST Technology for improved feel and foregiveness

When it comes to price, product upgrades, certification, and so on, you can see that both bats are exactly the same. But specs and marketing spiel can only paint you part of the story. After just a week of hitting with my Miken, its spiral split! With the Xeno, durability has not been an issue – I’ve been swinging it for over two months now, and it’s just as reliable as it was when I pulled it out fresh from the package. So if you’re tired of going through all the softball bats that are out there and want to skip ahead to actually holding one which will give you fantastic pop, then get your Louisville Slugger Xeno today!

2) Louisville Slugger LXT

Louisville Slugger LXT
Louisville Slugger LXT

If you are on the fast pitch area and you need a better feel, with low vibration and a solid connection, less weight so can obtain better performance and stronger pop, take a look at the comparison behind in order to check the features of Louisville Slugger Fastpitch LXT. Actually the producers have even added an inner disc made of aluminum for better sweet spots.

FeaturesLouisville Slugger LXT
Length to Weight-10
Made FromComosite
Barrel Size2 ¼ inch barrel diameter
Approved forASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF

Although these bats include several similarities, the few differences are those that make one of them perfect for a individual and for each kind of softball player.

They are both some great bats with a majority of positive reviews, but actually feeling the bat for yourself and swinging it a little in order to decide the best feeling for you is what makes the perfect choice.

The Louisville Slugger Fastpitch LXT comes with a patented TRU3 Design, meaning a 3 piece construction for the bat which gives very much power and an actual trampoline effect to the ball.

Swinging faster and harder with lower vibration is also a plus for this bat, thanks to same new technology used by Slugger.

The superior composite material used, S1iD technology is also an advantage because it gives the lowest weight possible for this bat making it the perfect bat also for girls who seem to enjoy it and improve their playing on this bat, if we take people’s review in consideration.

An extra advantage: the producer comes with one year warranty for this bat for 30 days performance.

There are some decisions you have to make that have a huge impact on your play. Picking the perfect bat for the game is one of them. There are some factors that turn a regular bat into the best bat for you.

*Weight (Usually, bigger, stronger players like to play with heavier bats for precision and strength, while smaller ones prefer lower weight bats in order to achieve the best speed. You should swing several bats so you can determine how much weight you need on your bat).

* Length (Most of the times, a longer bat provides longer shots, but they are also heavier so they might slow you down if they don’t fit you. Just like choosing the weight, swing different length bats so you can figure out which is the best for you).

* League requirements (Every league has some bat requirements, so there might be few limitations when you choose your bat. So, be sure you choose the required bat so you won’t have to spend money more than once).

The barrel diameter, bat material, other special features and the air chamber are also important features in order to make a bat the fitted one for you.

3) 2016 Louisville Slugger Lxt Plus

In the past several years, Louisville has been producing a number of bats in the fast pitch game, and in the modern game, the company has resolved to add their collection with new softball bats.

Even with this success, the company has moved and developed the new 2016 Louisville LXT plus fast pitch softball bat. The XENO plus and LXT plus share numerous similarities , however the LXT offers more exceptional result and lighter swing credited to its modern technology called TRU3 or Three Piece Connection Technology .

The technology is important in alleviating the sting vibration that may create off center hits therefore loss of game.

Reduced vibrations on the bat indicate that more energy is transferred to the ball thereby giving it extreme performance. Most elite players are accustomed to LXT models.

The barrel features an S1Id inner disc barrel technology, which ensures that friction is reduced to zero. The technology allows the barrel to undergo tuning to exceed the legal ball exit ratio.

The trick is important in that the governor that is placed inside the barrel dictates the level of maximum flexibility and allowable swing. The new bat is made from composite material and newest performance plus technology; this is lighter than previous versions while maintaining top-notch performance.

The bat has been approved by numerous bodies such as ISF, NSA, ISA, USSSA and it comes with free shipping and 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

2016 Louisville LXT PLUS Features

  • iST Connection Technology – the technology is one of a kind and it is mainly meant to offer zero vibration therefore energy transfer is impeccable giving a good swing and a better ball direction. Despite the lightweight, the bat is of high quality and it offers the required skills and technology in delivering optimal service.
  • Lightweight material- the bat is made from 7UI alloy with a M.O.I point reduction; it is one of the lightest materials that have been made of bats. The lightweight reduces fatigue especially in long games and you can take as many swings as possible.
  • S1iD Barrel Technology – the technology is important in delivering ultimate performance through swing and enhanced grip on the bat, moreover it is made from 2-piece construction, and the result of the bat is exceptional.
  • Zero Friction Double Wall Design – the zero friction double walls is essential in reducing the friction and the activity of the bat on the ball. This ensures that all the energy is forwarded to the ball and therefore a better hit and increased distance covered by the ball. The performance of the bat cannot be questioned because according to tests done on the bats before release it has shown to offer 100% hit and effectiveness.


  • The thickness of the wall can affect the efficiency of the bat because barrel wall plays some role in reducing the effectiveness of the bat.
  • The sweet spot of the bat is largely reduced because of the thickness of the wall


  • You cannot feel any kind of vibration therefore perfect hit and ball delivery.
  • The handling of the bat is enhanced because the material used in the making of the material is exceptional therefore, you are assured of high quality and value for your money.

According to customer feedback, the bat has received 4.6 stars and according to customers the enhanced barrel technology and sweet spot has improved the functionality of the bat from its predecessors.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a bat with enhanced features and modern technology then this is the perfect bat to purchase.

4) 2015 Easton MAKO CXN ZERO

2015 Easton MAKO CXN ZERO
2015 Easton MAKO CXN ZERO

2015 MAKO CXN ZERO from Easton the Giant returns with an enhanced sweet spot and unmatched speed, which enhances the player’s performance.  The Easton exclusive thermo composite technology makes the bat one of a kind because it gives more barrel hitting and enhanced hitting zone giving the bat a drive to the ball from one line to the other. My DD has used this bat in two tournaments so far since we purchased it. She says she loved the feel of the bat grip and think she is getting more solid contact with the ball and isn’t feeling any vibration on hits where she doesn’t make good contact.

Check Price on Amazon

The Good

  • Great pop right out of the wrapper. Super hot bat that seems to make the ball soar off of it.
  • Great Balanced.
  • Good pop for the price

The Bad

  • None so far

Bat Features

  • -8, -9, -10 (most popular), -11, – 12 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for Play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF
  • CXN Technology – Eliminates All Vibration and Promotes More Efficient Power Transfer
  • Extremely Low MOI / Balanced Swing Weight
  • Performance Diamond Grip
  • TCT Thermo Composite Technology – Massive Sweet Spot / Unmatched Bat Speed
  • Two-Piece, Fully Composite Construction

5) 2016 Worth 2 Legit – 2 Legit 2 Quit

2016 Worth 2 Legit
2016 Worth 2 Legit

As most elite players would resonate, champions use worth legit two, the bat is approved by various associations such as ISA, NSA, USSSA, ASA, and ISF.

In addition to the approval, it is backed by 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money guarantee period coupled with free shipping to your preferred destination.

Professional rollers can heat the bat to beyond 26-30 feet , heated bat rolling is important for the composite bats because they have a long break in period and they have shown signs of improved performance once they are subjected to the heat bat rolling.

The Worth 2 legit was created to give the player or hitter three aspects without any type of sting; it delivers flex, distance, and pop.

The outer barrel is engineered to endure extreme rebound at any type of swing speed, while the inner barrel allows the maximum flex without any kind of inhibition to the sweet spot.

When a bat comes with a name like 2016 Worth 2 Legit then there is a high expectation and high performance from the bat to meet the set standards. The innovative 4-piece 100% composite design makes the bat one of the high end products in the market.

Designed with FPEX power grip it helps in creating the required flex amount and it is essential in reducing the level of vibration from the components. The barrel is composed of a double wall design meant to deliver maximum trampoline effect this can help the players send the balls to different areas of the pitch as required.

The bat has a length to weight ratio of -10 and it is vital because it gives a balanced swing weight for a maximum speed of the bat and with the reinforced cap, the bat has an exceptional durability.


In summary, a good dame of softball requires a good swing and a good swing comes from the best bat in the market. Choose the 2016 Worth 2 legit and enjoy your swing!