Our 5 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats on Reviews [February 2019 Updates]

Everyone is different hence requiring a bat that adheres to their preferences or body stature but, you should take a look at the best fastpitch softball bats 2019 list and make your choice.

2019 Louisville Slugger XENO

Work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy, so they say. You do not want to be Jack in this case and if your game of choice is softball and you prefer to be the hitter, the “tool of trade,” or rather the bat, can make you lose or win.

No one wants to be a loser, and now that the market is flooded with so many fastpitch softball bats, you could easily wind up confused and buy the wrong one for you.

Our 5 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2019 on Reviews

2019 Louisville Slugger XENO
1) 2019 Louisville Slugger XENO
(4.9 / 5)
$$ – $$$$
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2019 Mizuno Power Carbon
2) 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon
(4.8 / 5)
$$$ – $$$$$
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2019 Louisville Slugger LXT
3) 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT
(4.5 / 5)
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2019 DeMarini CF Insane
4) 2019 DeMarini CF Insane
(4.7 / 5)
$$$ – $$$$$
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2019 DeMarini CF Zen
5) 2019 DeMarini CF Zen
(4.8 / 5)
$$$ – $$$$$
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1. 2019 Louisville Slugger XENO

2019 Louisville Slugger XENO

This particular product from Louisville Slugger is a 2-piece composite bat with IST XStiff technology that makes you a winner by turning your singles through to doubles and eventually into long balls.

If you are in need of a bat that has the right balance between speed and power, then this is the bat you should pick.

It has a patented S11D barrel technology that offers you maximum power on contact thereby enabling you to position the ball on any place you like on the diamond, right from the first swing.

The ultra-weight x-cap design not only ensures that your bat lasts for a long time, but it also assists you in improving your bat swing speed.

It is, therefore, the ideal bat for those players who want to transfer the maximum power as possible to the ball, making it favorite among the more skilled hitters.

2. 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon

Now this is one bat that most hitters have overlooked yet it tops the bats that have the best exit speeds. It has a double barrel and a two-piece composite design meaning it will serve you for a significant period.

Although it swings 5% heavier than the Louisville Slugger XENO, the Mizuno Power Carbon is still lightweight. It is available in a drop 10 and drop 11. Although it is light in comparison to other bats, some players may find it a bit on the heavier side. It is bit pricey too, but you should be ready to get your money’s worth in return.

3. 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT

This bat is not only a fastpitch bat with a big barrel, but it is also light swinging and has several drops which make it popular among accomplished players.

Matter of fact is that it also has an impressive exit speed which could play a hand in the bat’s asking price. Whichever of fastpitch player you are, the LXT will be perfect, and it applies to players of all ages. It is lighter than its XENO counterpart by 5% which makes it the lightest fastpitch softball bat in the Louisville Slugger lineup.

It has VCX technology allowing for independent movement between the handle and the barrel, which consequently leads to controlled vibrations to cast away any anxious feelings while giving you an unmatched feel when you make contact.

The LXT gives you complete control and comfort with its Pro comfort grip while the barrel technology ensures that you have maximum pop throughout the swings, also enabled by the big sweet spot. It also has ultra-lightweight X-Cap design that guarantees swing speed and increases the durability.

4. 2019 DeMarini CF Insane

The CF Insane is a 2-piece composite bat with a heavier swing weight by at least 10% more than CF Zen. The extra weight makes it popular among the power hitters although the price discriminates the serious players from those who are looking to have fun.

It is available with a drop 8, 9 and 10 with every increase in drop giving a 10% increase in swing weight. It also has a paraflex and composite handle that is cured for consistency by exposing it to the right temperature for a specific time to make it the most responsive bat you can find in the market.

The 3fusion system enhances its streamlined design that not only permits you to have better weight control and feel, it also reduces the vibration for every hit by redirecting the energy into the barrel.

Moreover, just like De Marini, this is one bat that always strives to make the hitter go beyond the rest of the players with the dedication to performance that the company puts in its production and innovation.

5. 2019 DeMarini CF Zen

Offering a drop 10 and 11, it is not possible that you can go wrong with the CF Zen if you are searching for a bat that provides a maximum barrel for every swing. It is a favorite among young players most probably because it enhances their performance.

It is also a good buy for new users who have no idea what is the best length of the bat they should go with since you can adjust its length through a mechanism incorporated on the knob. Such features also make it possible to change the swing weight thereby facilitating you to be a better player.

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Buying Guide

As you head out to buy your softball bat, do not just pick the first one you come across. There are a few factors you should consider such as:


As with anything else you can only buy what you can afford otherwise you will be straining yourself with credit. It is this factor that makes us draw up a budget to prioritize our wants therefore as much as you want a fastpitch softball bat, you will need to consider your pockets. Bats come at different prices to cater for everyone’s pockets, with some being so expensive that you might feel a pinch parting with the huge amount of money so, when you decide that you want to buy a fastpitch softball bat, set down your limits and stick to them when you enter the shop.

Length of the bat

If you think that choosing a bat that is longer will enable you to hit the ball faster since it will come in contact with the bat sooner, you could not be farther from the truth. A bat that is too long will most likely throw you off balance since the extra length also comes with a little more weight. Besides, it may be too high and therefore feel heavy. You can test the length by grasping with your hand one inch from the knob and stand straight up with your arms relaxed on your side such that the bat extends down on your side. If it reaches the ground, that is the ideal length of the bat you should buy. If it does not, then that bat is too short for you. If in the other hand it meets the ground but your hand slides to the handle, away from the knob, that bat is too long.


Usually, this goes hand in hand with speed since the lighter the bat, the faster the bat speed. In softball, timing is of the essence, and with high bat speed, a hitter can make better decisions because he can wait longer which facilitates in him seeing the ball better. Hitters who are small especially require lightweight bats to enable them to swing at the ball with ease. Heavy bats will mean losses for your team because the pitcher will take advantage of that and beat you.

Materials from which the bat is constructed

Three types of materials make up a bat, and they include:

  1. Wood: Although these are the oldest, they have become so rare that you can only get one if you order directly from a manufacturing company. Of course, this customization detail makes them a bit expensive than their counterparts. Fastpitch bats made from wood do not last long since they can break which means you might end up parting with some money regularly, a drawback that may discourage you from buying them.
  2. Alloy Bats: The advantage of these metal alloy bats is that you can use them in any weather. However, they have a vibration feeling with a missed hit ball which can create some tension if you are not used to it. Even though these bats were famous at one point in time, they have increasingly lost their appeal because they became dangerous for users by causing them to hit the ball extra hard. Among its drawbacks is the fact that they become weak with regular usage and develop dents meaning you will have to replace often. Therefore if you are not ready to dig into your pockets now and then, you might want to keep off from this one.
  3. Composite: Now, these are the in-thing mostly because of their durability. For you to break in the bat, you will need at least 200 hits which makes them attractive to most players. Another advantage is that with a missed hit ball they do not vibrate too much neither do they sting much. Besides, they are lightweight enhancing your ability to hit the ball faster. Unfortunately, they are a bit on the expensive side going up to $400; therefore, you have to keep your wallet thick for this one. Also, you may experience problems if you use the bat in areas above 65⁰F.


The same way you rush to the store to buy a television with the latest model, consider the design of the bat before getting yourself one. Fastpitch softball bats come in different designs, and they differ from each other by the thickness of the bat handle, the design incorporated into the grip as well as the sweet spot’s length, in the barrel of the bat. If you have had the experience of using different designs, you will develop a particular taste that you will want to stick to with every purchase. For first time buyers, they should consider buying a bat with a big sweet spot. The bigger it is, the more you can make contact with the ball which enables you to hit it farther. However, you should also note that the larger it becomes, the more it adds to the weight of the bat which may compromise your batting stance, especially if you have a small stature.

Warranty extended

Of course, when buying anything especially stuff that is fragile or commands a higher price, the first thing you check is the warranty; does it have one and if it does, what is the period and what does it cover? From the discussion above, it is clear you may have to be buying a bat on the regular. Therefore it would be better if you will not have to replace one at your expense. For this reason, make sure that you get a warranty that covers almost everything and that it runs for as long a period as possible. Therefore, before buying a bat, read the warranty and have the seller explain any details you find confusing to avoid miscommunication that could be a costly mistake later.


In this age when people have become glued to the TV and phone screens, getting involved in sports is one of the best ways to reduce the lifestyle diseases that threaten to wipe out humanity from the face if the earth.

Softball is one of the games that have the advantage of involving the entire family since the young and old can play.

However, before getting into the field, one must be prepared, and one of the things you must have is a bat. With this list of the best softball bats, you can quickly decide on the one that suits you best.

Moreover, this buying guide will make sure that you go home with a bat that will encourage to play more. Therefore as you begin your year, you now have a game that might become your favorite and instead of watching from a distance, why not get in the field and be player too.

All you need is the right bat to become a good hitter. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through the net and take your pick now.